How to enter my Unlock Code on Huawei ?

How to enter my Unlock Code on Huawei ?

    1) open Hyperterminal : C:\Program Files\Windows NT (should be there)

    2) you must set com port on modem (Huawei Mobile Connect - 3G Modem)

    3) type following command : AT^CARDLOCK=""

    4) Validate by pressing Enter.


    Model: Mini WIFI Modem


    1 Insert Non-Optus SIM card into modem

    2 Power device on €“ wait until the device has completed it�s initialization

    3 Make sure there is a connection between the WiFi Modem and the client (eg computer)

    4 Start an Internet browser and enterhttp:// in the address bar. (The default password is admin).

    5 Enter the password, and then click Login

    6 Select Settings

    7 Select Dialup and then Unlock SIM

    8 Enter unlock code and then click Apply

    9 Unit resets itself if successful.


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